Am I Going Fast Enough?

In a bicycle race, you know if you are going fast enough most of the time.

You are either ahead or behind the other competitors. You all started together, roughly, and either the others are fading from your forward view, or you've left them behind in the dust, or somewhere in between the pack.

When you're in business for yourself, how can you tell?

The speed of a business, at least the type of business I am in, surely cannot be measured in dollars. You can have a good month, or a bad month, and very little will have to do with your pace for the month.

Content creation is a long game. I won't see the revenue for what I am working on today until next month, or the month after. And it can take six or twelve months before I know if the market really loved what I created or did not.

So how do I measure my pace? And how can I tell if it's fast enough or if I'm falling behind the pack?

Imagine if I was a bicycle rider in a race, but there was no timer, no other competitors. I had to ride the entire race with no way to see how well I was doing. And only after the other riders had gone, would we know who won.

The reason this comes to mind is for two things.

One, I really pushed hard on a project yesterday, and completed it. I launched a new course, and it is a big relief off my shoulders to have it done.

But I have another project that has to be done too. And in fact, I can think of three or four things that I am behind on.

A lot of work, a successful end of the race. And the next race is already underway and I'm behind.

Am I going too slow? Am I trying to accomplish too much? Do I need help? Should I hire someone?

And reason number two, a friend of mine is going through the process of finding an editor, and that process is slowing him down. In fact, he hasn't created a new course in a while.

But once he has found the editor, he should be able to go faster. Go at a faster pace forever.

Perhaps sometimes you need to slow down, build your team, in order to go faster.

I don't know what the lesson here. This post doesn't tie up neatly. Yet. 

Am I going fast enough? Am I not? Do I need help?

I have to get back to that project I'm procrastinating on. 🙂

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