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Automating Some More Things

Last week, I talked about the desire to automate.

I brought it up with my mastermind group, and there was a lot of excitement about getting more serious about automation. So I decided today to just jump in with both feet and try to automate a lot.

One of the first things I thought could be automated was the distribution of new free content that I create.

Whenever I create a YouTube video, or a blog post, I usually forget to post it to other places. As a result, if you're not checking my YouTube channel regularly, maybe you're not seeing that I have been creating new videos pretty regularly lately.

So how would I go about ensuring that people who might be interested in my stuff would know about it.

My friend has a Virtual Assistant (VA) who takes his videos, and shares them on Facebook, shares them on Twitter, and ensures they get seen on social media.

But all of these services have APIs. Could I do something similar.

Enter Zapier.

As of today, any new video that I create for my YouTube channel then has the following happen to it:

  • The video is shared to my Facebook Page
  • The video is shared to Twitter
  • A new blog post is created for my WordPress website (as a draft)
  • A new transcript order is created in
  • And the output of that transcript order is saved to my Dropbox
  • And manually for now – that transcript will be used in the blog post as SEO content that can be indexed in Google.

Now maybe that doesn't seem like much. But one new video results in it being shared to 3 additional places besides YouTube.

In addition to that, using some ActiveCampaign automations, I will send out a monthly email to my email list telling them about this new video (and any others that were created). Of course, a link to my courses is at the bottom of those emails.

Now, I'm going to let that run for a couple of months, and see if this increases my number of views and number of subscribers to my channel.

There's probably more automation I can do. I'm going to look more into Zapier and IFTTT to see if I can get this content shared in new places as well. Heck, I might as well get the video uploaded to Vimeo as well, just in case.

Maybe I need to look into getting those new blog posts submitted to a bunch of sites that surface content…



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