Automating Your Business

When you're an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Actually, you wear all the hats.

What do I do in my business? I blog, I create YouTube videos, I create courses, I tweet, I manage my Azure Facebook Group, I run ads, I respond to students, I work with partners. That's just scratching the surface as to what it takes to run this business. 

In fact, I decided that 2018 was about creation for me. I needed to create more of everything. That's my word of the year.

I needed to blog more, create more courses, use Twitter more, use my Facebook Page and Group more, produce more. That's my 2018 in a word. I mean, this blog is one facet of that.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

But of course, wouldn't be nice to get some leverage going too?

Many years ago, I remember seeing one of those internet gurus (I can't remember who) demonstrate how he turns one piece of content into 8 different pieces of content.

He recorded a video, which took about 10 minutes. And sent it to his VA.

His VA was able to post the video to YouTube, get it transcribed, post it as a blog post, extract key quotes, and turn those into tweets, and take those quotes and turn them into images for Instagram or something.

You get the idea. 10 minutes of this guys time got turned into content for every one of the channels he cared about.

Now that was all done using a VA, but imagine if some of that can be triggered by automation.

You create a video, and save it to a particular folder on your computer. That folder automatically applies audio editing to the file to ensure consistent sound quality. That video then gets uploaded to dropbox, and that triggers an order on for the closed captions and transcriptions.

The video gets uploaded to YouTube (closed captioned) after that, with the transcription being the video description. 

The YouTube video gets tweeted, posted to your blog, screencapped and posted to your Instagram, posted to your Facebook page, shared to your group.

Imagine all of that automated.

It's possible with APIs. But is it a good idea? Will it turn into something nice?

Or will your audience be turned off by the impersonal nature of it?

Automation does sound nice. I'm going to spend some time looking around for solutions. If you know of any, please let me know in the comments.

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