Dude, Where’s My Movie?

Netflix was supposed to solve everything.

OK, not originally. Originally, Netflix was going to destroy Blockbuster Video. Which it did. But then, suddenly Netflix was an online video service. Like Amazon.com but for video rentals. All the movies, all the TV shows. Pay one price, and get everything. It was a utopia.

That utopia is crumbling before our eyes. We're back to 10 walled gardens and everyone has their own gatekeeper.

Yes, of course, Disney is launching its own service (smart of them) and will pull all the Disney content from Netflix. Which is smart of Disney. Nobody wants to live in a world where one company has a monopoly.


Today, I wanted to watch a particular old movie. The movie is 8 years old. This movie is not one of those timeless classics where the movie studio will make millions of dollars per year in licensing, forever. This movie got 37% on Rotten Tomatoes, so not exactly Hitchcock or Spielberg.

Easy right? Just go to Netflix. I've been a paying member of Netflix in Canada since it launched. I pay C$16.99 per month for Netflix! And… no, that movie is not available in Netflix.

I also pay for Amazon Prime, who has video. Nope, not there either.

OK, I might consider doing a digital rental. Go check Google Play. That movie is not available for rent (or purchase) either.

Now I'm stuck? Where can I see this movie?

What obscure service has this movie? Apple iTunes? Cineplex? Youtube Movies?

This is crazy to me. Why is the movie company hiding this kinda crappy movie from me, someone who is willing to pay to watch it? This makes no sense.

Maybe Google needs to step in. I want to watch a movie. I have some subscriptions that I pay for (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube Prime) so I prefer those sources, but am willing to pay if you can find this for me. Take me to the place online that has this movie where I can pay to watch it.

Why is that hard?

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