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Establishing a Routine

One of the memorable parts of the MTV hit show, Jersey Shore, is the acronym GTL.

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

Yes, I just quoted Jersey Shore. And yes, what GTL really represents is a routine. It's such a routine, that it has an acronym.

What do you want to do today? GTL. Sounds good, let's do it.

So what I intend to do, starting right away, is GCO.

Gym. Coffee. Office.

Let's say three days per week to start. Not to overdo it. But wake up, go to the gym. Work out. Shower. Shave. Grab breakfast. And head into my co-working space. And work.

I figure I can work at home the other days. Or not.

It's not a bad first routine. Not bad for establishing a reason to get out of bed and get going every day.


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