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The Strength of Your Foundation Limits the Height of Your Growth

Sometimes you need to break something in order to fix it.

Sometimes you have to remove everything from a house in order to renovate it.

Sometimes you have to shut down a restaurant for a few weeks while you completely redo what is inside.

A good friend of mine recently shut down a profitable business because he was bored with it. Took a six-figure per year income and effectively gave it up because it was no longer a business he wanted to run. He was free to make that decision because he has a well-paying job and other income.

Here I sit, in 2018, with a profitable online course business. I keep saying that “someday, I need to be in a position where I don't have to keep creating new courses to maintain my income.”

I feel like a bit of a hamster on a wheel. My income hasn't grown this year because I haven't been creating new courses. Or at least the courses I have been creating haven't been what the market is craving.

I feel my market getting more mature. More competition. Better competition. I need to get better, and that requires more work too.

Another friend of mine recently received an offer to sell his course business. “Would you take the money?”, he asked me. “Yes, I would.”

If someone wanted to offer to buy out my Intellectual Property, I would seriously consider it.

And so I find myself still wondering, where is this all going?

In 5 years, what will I be doing? How will I be spending my time? And what will I regret about today?

Will I say, “you should have doubled down”?

Or will I say, “you should have switched businesses back then”?

So many questions, I know.

Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

One thing I need to do is start working on the foundation.

Spend as much time building an audience as creating courses.

I guess that's the answer. Having an audience of my own. I've always known this. For some reason, because it's hard, I've not ever really put a plan in place to do that.


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