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Getting Things Done

Busy, Busy

I'm trying out this new WordPress editor named, Gutenberg. So if things look a little different, that's why.

Since I got back from Udemy Live 2 weeks ago, I've been on and off busy. It took a few days to recover from the trip. And then I got a new opportunity which forced me to create a course in 3-4 days. And then I had to recover from that. And now I'm back into the normal saddle.

I've talked before about how hard it is to get things done. I have a sense that it's a universal problem, and not just something unique to me. But it could also be highly personal and my problem is not your problem.

I look at one friend of mine in the same industry as me, and it seems he has not gotten much done this year. He gets an idea to do something, but then has found a good reason not to do it a little while later. A month later, gets another idea, and for whatever reason it doesn't get done either.

Meanwhile, I've created 6 courses this year plus am completely redoing my three largest courses at the same time. So on the relative scale, I guess I get a lot done.

But I do go through long periods where I feel like I'm standing still.

Like I arrived back home from Udemy Live on a Monday, early A.M. And I can say I did not get much done until Friday of the same week. 4 straight days of standing still. That feels like a lot for me.

Like I said, it's highly personal.

I also have a lot of ideas for things I'd like to do. I get started on them, and after a few days something comes along that pulls me away. For instance, I decided to add hands-on labs to my existing courses. Now two days later, I've recorded a bunch of videos, uploaded them to the courses, and now am ready to move on to something else. The idea was implemented about 50% of what I originally dreamed. I could have created three times as many videos about hands-on labs as I did. But so far, I'm feeling the pull to another project and that's where my energy lies.

A close friend of mine once said, “maybe that's the way you are”, when I told him that I could not get work done for a few days. Maybe that is the way I am. Maybe I need to accept it. Stop fighting against the grain and start working with it.

When I feel like working, work. When I don't feel like working, don't work. Don't feel bad about it. That's the way I am.

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