Google Ads is Not Great

So yesterday I had an idea about an ad I wanted to run.

Usually, I run ads on Facebook. Rarely on Google Ads. But yesterday I wanted my ad to run inside YouTube, so I thought I would try Google for a change.

During the process of creating the ad, a little “notification” popped up that was a survey. It asked if I found creating ads easy. I had to say no. Google Ads is not easy. It's super complicated. It's ridiculous actually.

So I want to run a YouTube ad. You know, those ad videos you see that interrupt you while you're trying to watch something else? Those where we wait for the “skip” button to appear so that we can continue? Yes, I want to run one of those. I go into Google Adwords, click “create campaign”. And this pops up. What do I choose?

Well, I want to run a YouTube ad. Ah you see. YouTube is a placement. Before I can choose to create a YouTube ad, I need to have a goal. So what's my goal?

My goal is. I want people to watch my YouTube video. That's my goal. So what do I choose if “watch video” is the goal?

Well it's not obvious, that's for sure.

Maybe I want “Brand awareness”? Or do I want “Brand consideration”? I mean, ultimately I want traffic and sales, true. But what I really want is for people to watch a video I made.

OK, so let's say I choose “brand awareness and reach”. I want to pay per person that watches the video.

No, sorry. Can't do that. If I choose “brand awareness and reach”, my only choice is to choose “CPM” which is to pay based on the number of views of the ad regardless of whether they watch the video.

OK, I figured out that I needed to proceed without a goal. And I want a video ad. I want people to watch my video.

So what kind of ad do I want?

Custom is the first and default choice. But I want a non-skippable in stream ad? Or outstream?

I want a skippable in-stream ad I guess. But that's not one of the choices.

And what is an “outstream” ad? What does that even mean? The description below that is a bunch of mumbo jumbo – “vCPM bidding”. Well I don't want CPM, I want CPV.

It doesn't get better! It doesn't get easier!

The next screen has 100+ text boxes to fill out and choices to make.

Google is SUPPOSED to be the market leader for ads. Right?

OK OK, Scott. Enough. The interface is a confusing mess and even people who've spent $100,000s on ads get easily confused when navigating around trying to find what they want. They know what they want, but they can't find it.

So it's been roughly 24 hours since I created my ad. I wonder how it's doing? I wonder how many views I've received!

Under review. 24 hours later, can't get Google to care.

I worry when Facebook takes 30 minutes to review an ad. 24 hours is ridiculous.

What if I was advertising a sale? What if it was time sensitive?

How does Google operate like this? That's the real question.

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