Predictions After Six Weeks

In my last post, I made some predictions. How are those doing?

  1. The stock market will be lower by Dec 31, 2020. — This could still happen. The stock market is choppy right now.
  2. Travel industry businesses won't go bankrupt. — We haven't seen any yet.
  3. Countries will be slow to open their borders. — International travel is severely restricted still.
  4. Flare-ups will continue to happen in US, China and Europe — Well, the US is certainly flaring.
  5. Work from home will be a permanent trend. — We're seeing more companies announcing that WFH is a permanent option.
  6. Downtown office space is in trouble. — Too early to see the effects of this.
  7. Ad supported businesses are in trouble. — Too early to see the effects of this. But ad agencies are laying people off.

So far, so good. The only question I have of the above is whether the stock market will be down by the end of the year. It's hard to predict.

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