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The Power of Free

There's this invisible battle taking place all around you.

This giant, unseen fight between massive media companies, social media platforms, and even Everyday Joes.  A battle to the death over this one precious thing that everyone craves.

Your attention.

Before they can get your money, they must first get your attention. And you only have so much attention to give. There are only so many hours in the day. There are only so many shows to watch, YouTube clips to watch, or Facebook posts to scroll past.

When you hear companies moaning about the “reach” of their Facebook organic posts declining, what they're really missing is the chance to get your attention.

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash
Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash

When you're selling products online, as I do, trying to get people's attention is a challenge. People have their guard up – rightly so – whenever they think they are being sold to. 

  • “I've got this great thing! It's helped so many people! Maybe it can help you too?”
  • “What's the catch? What's the trick? I don't believe it.”

And given the way some marketers act, I really don't blame people for putting up their guard. It's human nature. If we're not looking closely, we get tricked into clicking some affiliate scam link that we never intended to click.

All this to say, I'm experimenting with a free course this month. I had this idea about a week ago to create a video that goes through my topic at a level of detail I don't often make for free videos. This turned into 90 minutes of free content. And at that level, should I make it a course? Should I ask people to jump over the little hurdle of giving their email address or joining my Udemy student family, in exchange for that amount of free content?

I'm going to see if this course can sustain some good reviews. I'm going to ask the students to tell me things they'd like to see added to the course and then add them. 

My idea is that, with a few thousand students in my free course, I will have earned a little bit of their attention. And will have earned a little bit of respect from them when it comes to being an Azure teacher. Basically, putting some deposits into the bank of good will.

Which I can perhaps withdraw from later.

I'm promoting this free course on Twitter, Facebook, my blog and YouTube. It's a fun exercise to see how many people will join and what they will think.

Thank you, sincerely, for your attention today.

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