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The Power of the Reminder

I wrote about my productivity system a couple of weeks back, and people really seemed to have liked that.

[Shout out to my friend Tony Ross who shared it to his friends on Facebook. Tony is one of the nicest people I've never met. I'd come to Georgia just to meet him. We're going to find a way to teach together.]

Anyways, the calendar that is pasted to the wall above my head is only half of the equation, really. I have been accumulating little X's (and now other symbols that represent other things) for a few weeks now.

The other thing stuck to my wall beside it is a “blank dry erase whiteboard”.

They came as a set that I bought at Staples. This is the At-A-Glance calendar I use that sticks to my wall and is Dry Erase.

But it's not really blank at the moment. On it, I have several important things.

On it, I have 5 things that I really need to get done. My “must dos”. These aren't optional. This week, I will for sure do my “must dos”. When I'm bored and looking for something to do, I look over my must dos and pick which one seems like I can make some progress on today.

This whiteboard also has a longer term goal written on it. A regular and repeating goal that drives me to do work every day.

My longer term goal? “One video per day”

My goal is to create one video per day. If I do that, I think I will have an amazing year this year. This is what drives the X's on the calendar.

What one thing, if you do it regularly, will almost guarantee you success?

Is it posting to YouTube? Is it blogging? Is it emailing your list? Posting your work to Twitter? Contacting influencers? Whatever it is, you need to know what that is. 

There is power in knowing THE ONE THING that will make you successful this year.

And there is even more power in having that written down on the wall in front of your face. Where you see it every day, several times per day.

Photo by Miss Zhang on Unsplash
Photo by Miss Zhang on Unsplash

I'm calling this, the power of the reminder.

I assume many of us make New Year's resolutions.

Very few people write them down. I want to lose weight. I want to travel more. I want to reunite with my family. We can name the resolutions off the top of our heads. But where else are they? Write them down.

But even if you write them down, where do you write them? In a journal? In Evernote? Some Word document saved somewhere that you don't remember the name of?

Write your ONE THING on the wall in front of your face. See it every day. Remind yourself why you are sitting at the computer. When the day is getting late, and you haven't done your one thing yet, stop what you are wasting time on and do your one thing. The one thing gives you permission to slack off as long as you do your one thing. And as long as your one thing truly will get you closer to your goals each time you do it.

For me, recording videos is what my business is about. It leads to money. And so my one thing is to record at least one video per day.

Speaking of that…

I need to go record a video now. 


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