The Subtle Art of Being Disorganized

In the last post, in October, I was talking about all of the things that I want to do but don't have time for.

And you know what? It's funny how life works. I wanted to work out more, and now I go to the gym every day (6 days per week). Still not learning another language, but I can pick that back up.

One thing that has helped is making a to do list, printing it out, and taping it to the wall in front of my computer. I then physically check off items as they are done.

There's something nice about having this on printed paper for some accountability. When I ask myself, “what should I do right now”, the answer is always found my looking up at the wall.

I have some trips planned this spring, so I need to get stuff done. Also, talking at a Microsoft conference next week. Luckily, I have been quite productive in December, putting out a few courses before the end of the year.

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