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The Tricky World of Advertising

I love advertising. And I hate it.

By advertising, of course, I'm referring to the act of paying money to get interested people to come check out your stuff. 

Facebook makes it so easy. I use a tool called AdEspresso that makes it even easier. I am able to fire up an ad in a few minutes. Just upload an image, write some text, click a few buttons, and you can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The way I do advertising is a bit of a crapshoot unfortunately. I get an idea, I create an ad, and often I lose a bit of money.

Take a few weeks off from it, and start the process over.

I tried to hire an “actual” marketer last week. I mean, I reached out to a few people and said I wanted to run an ad campaign. 

Unfortunately, I don't think any of them were really seriously in business. The number of people who contacted me even a week after the initial conversation in which I said “I am interested in going ahead” is zero.

I don't understand this. I will pay you money to run some ads for me. And no one knows how to close the sale. Anyways, different subject.

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Most digital marketers // Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

I wish advertising was easier. Not necessarily easier to do, but easier to succeed at.

I have money, and I'm willing to pay to have someone help me build my brand up such that I am attracting the right kind of people to me. 

I am not sure if I need to work on my brand more, or work on the bringing people to me part.

Oh well.

One thing I need for sure to do is get back to creating more content. So take care!

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