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The Uncertain Life of an Entrepreneur

“It's a dog eat dog world, Sammy, and I'm wearing milkbone underwear.” – Norm from Cheers

You're not going to believe this. 

After leaving the world of 9-to-5 employment, there are times where I think that I don't know what I'm doing. Maybe I've just been lucky so far, and that luck can end at any time?

I wonder if my dad ever felt that way. He started his own company at a relatively young age (in his late 20's, I guess), and ran his own business for 20 years until he passed away. I can't ask him. But I'm sure there were stressful periods along the way.

But sometimes I feel a little uncertain that I actually know what I'm doing, and today is one of those days.

Financially, I'm doing pretty well right now. I'm able to save most of my income, so on that measure, I am not living on any kind of edge. 

But how long can this “run” continue? How long can I keep doing what I am doing and getting the same result? How many more times will I be able to withdraw from the great Internet money machine before it stops blessing me with it's favor?

(I also realize that it wasn't too long ago that I said, I truly believe that I can do anything. That's also true. I can do anything I want to do, but sometimes I wonder if I know what I'm doing.)

I have options of course. I could just keep doing what I've been doing. Put the blinders back on, don't worry about the future. Don't mess with success. 

Or option two is that I could try to run faster. Hire more help. Create more courses. Get to that next level that I know is currently just a bit out of reach.

And finally, I could start building something that is impervious to rain. That's another angle too. 

However, building something impervious to rain requires another layer of risk, effort, and dedication. And a new set of worries about the future.



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