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Things Are Better Than You Think

Confession time.

This week, I was a little worried that one of my income sources was not performing as well as it used to. I started to paint a picture for myself that it would no longer grow, or worse that it would start to decline. 

Not quite ready to go back to finding a job, but a sad realization that the growth I experienced over the past three years has slowed.

But then, as the month ended, the numbers became clearer. I was likely even with last month. Not growing, but even is not bad considering this time of year. I'm happy with even.

How quickly we go from being worried about the future to pretty happy with today. 

There's a bank in Toronto who's slogan is, “you're richer than you think.”

Well, I guess I am. Things are better than I think.

Onwards and upwards. Wish everyone a happy summer!

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