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Thoughts on Growing a Business Through Outsourcing

I flip flop on outsourcing for my business all the time.

On the one hand, I have this dream where I have 5 people working for me. Bob takes care of the customers, Sally takes care of video production, Tom takes care of business development, Sarah is my research assistant, and I record videos.

Imagine this machine happily chugging along, and all aspects of the business are being taken care of.

The flip side of that dream is that I have a small team working for me, and I always have to give them things to do. I can never tell if they are doing a good job, but since I am just one person assigning tasks, I cannot keep them all busy. The customers are not being served well, the videos are not looking good, course production is slowing down not speeding up. And all this is costing me money. 

Which is the correct dream?

How can I create a wonderful team, with everyone at the level of talent required? And people know what needs to be done, and can be trusted to do it? And I can focus on what I like (instruction) and if a week or two goes by, I know that everything else is getting done?

I don't know.

Does anyone know? How can you hire a great team without it being a disaster?

That's an open ended question. I wish it was easier to hire someone. I wish it was easier to manage overseas workers.

Maybe what I need is a PM most of all. I've thought about that sometimes. Just a person who deals with the outsourcers and returns with finished products.

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