We Live in a Zoo

I live in a city. Not a small city, but the biggest city in Canada. And I pretty much live in the geographic center of it. Now it's not like living in Manhattan here. We have trees and stuff. But it's always amazing to see animals. Wild animals thriving around where we live.

Today, my wife and I watched a little field mouse running around our backyard. Amazing how tiny it is. It's so small, you barely know it's there. I mean, it's the size of a dollar coin!

And then I watched as a bumblebee visited all the flowers, one by one. He takes his job seriously, and doesn't miss a flower. I hope he gets a promotion at work.

Yesterday, I saw a fox walking around the neighbourhood. A fox! He's just minding his business, but it's funny to see an actual predatory wild animal stalking around in the middle of this big city I live in.

Speaking of predators, we have a falcon that lives around here too. We got to see him in action as we were watching some hares playing in the backyard a couple of years ago. There were four hares – a mother and three babies. Well, after the falcon came there were only two babies.

It seems some small sparrows liked our trees and built themselves a little nest, and had some chicks. We didn't see them do this because it's so hidden, but we can see it now. We have a nest with egg shells in it.

On my daily walks with Oliver, we see blue jays and cardinals. Outside my office window, sometimes a woodpecker is busy doing his thing against the tree. (I know the names of birds now, and I impress myself with that.)

There are a flock of geese that live not to far from here. They've lived there for years. I can walk down the street, and pass 20 or 30 of them sitting on the grass. The same spot every year. Sometimes they walk across the street to get to the other side. (Why don't you fly across, you silly geese!) I wonder if they consider that field their home.

How amazing it is that we live in the city, yet wildlife still happens around us?

Yes, you can argue that they'd be better off without humans being around and you might be right. But still every day I see wild animals living their lives in my backyard, in the park, and in the trees around me. And it's amazing to me. I feel like I live in a zoo. Maybe I'm the one in the cage and they're watching me?

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