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Working On Vacation

When you think about vacation, do you think about lying next to a pool under the sun with a cold drink by your side as the day slips away?

Or is it OK to bring your laptop and get some work done, while you sit in the exotic location?

Some people only consider it a vacation if you're not working. Maybe that's true if you are under tremendous pressure at work and use a vacation as a period to rest and rewind.

But what if you don't need to unwind? What if you have a well-balanced life, and never let yourself get stressed out?

Without the need to de-stress, I think it's fine if you try to get some work done on a vacation.

For me, I am travelling again next month for a big trip. Off to visit the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, and then a vacation after that.

But will I just be doing nothing relating to my business for that entire time?

Not a chance. I will try to keep moving the ball forward. Just from another spot on the globe geographically.

Perhaps I never again want to be the guy who sits on the beach under and umbrella with a laptop. But sitting by the pool? Why not?

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